Spa Massage Services

Indulge yourself in complete relaxation with our luxurious massages and pamper spa massage packages.

Our Spa Massage Treatments can be booked for couples. Consider adding on one of our signature Bulimba Facial Rituals to create a relaxing spa day out.

N.B. Ka Huna Massage temporarily unavailable due to maternity leave.
If you are a Ka Huna bodyworker or know of someone who would be a great fit get in touch here.

Relaxation Massage

Need some time to relax, unwind and de-stress from city life? Book in for a relaxation massage with one of our talented therapists and them look after you.

  • 30 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes

Relaxation Massage:
3 Pack

Incredible value for those wanting regular treatments!

  • 3 Pack | 60min Relaxation Massage | SAVE $40
  • 3 Pack | 90min Relaxation Massage | SAVE $50

Restorative Spa Massage

Perfect for those who want sore tension areas looked after while still having a relaxing experience. Your therapist will consult with you at the beginning. This is to recommend the best combination of relaxation and restorative spa massage techniques.

Tired aching muscles are first soothed with gentle long flowing strokes. Once the targeted spots are warmed and relaxed restorative techniques are used to release and relieve any areas of concern.
Hot stone and/or heat techniques may be incorporated. This will work on more stubborn tension areas, as required by your therapist. Heat ensures that we can work deeper into those sore spots whilst still maintaining relaxation throughout your experience. Your treatment will always finish with warming, gentle, relaxing movements to soothe any last remaining tension. This ensures that after any release work you will also walk away feeling relaxed and at ease.

  • 60 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes

Restorative Spa Massage:
3 Pack

Incredible value for those wanting regular treatments!

  • 3 pack | 60min Restorative Spa Massage | SAVE $40
  • 3 Pack | 90min Restorative Spa Massage | SAVE $50

Pregancy Spa Massage

Looking after soon to be mums is one of the most rewarding things we do at Bulimba Day Spa. Why not take the time to unwind and relax?

  • 60 Minutes

Spa Style Ka Huna Massage

Now available

Ka Huna is a Hawaiian inspired massage style that uses bodywork to unite the mind, body and spirit. An incredibly powerful full body experience utilising long flowing strokes that bring a sense of purpose and meaning to your treatment.

Great for first time Ka Huna clients and also for those who are looking for a relaxation and/or a restorative focus incorporated into their Ka Huna experience. All massages begin with a consultation prior to the treatment. This is so that your therapist can tailor your experience to your specific needs.

Flow is incredibly important here, so much so that budding therapists must first be taught how to dance and before learning a single move of this amazing technique!

The results speak for themselves! Some clients report great moments of clarity and reflection while others experience significant emotional connections whilst on the table.

This is Hazel’s signature treatment and she is proud to bring it to Bulimba Day Spa!

  • 90 Minutes

Temple Style Ka Huna Experience

Now available!

For those who are interested in the traditional temple style Ka Huna experience.

The style is unique as clients lie directly on the table surface and are covered in a way that allows free flow of movement. (Whilst ensuring that full modesty and comfort is maintained.) This allows more movement, more flow and the opportunity for clients to experience the feeling of being massaged by the ocean.

More of a mindful embodied meditation, this is perfect for clients who are curious about connecting to mind, body spirit experience. This style has been passed down from a direct linage of ancient practitioners which was used as a right of passage. It will help clients move through life experiences, that are staying within the body.

All massages begin with a consultation prior to the treatment, This is so that your therapist can tailor your experience to your specific needs.

  • 90 Minutes